The Voices foundation has prepared an integration-through-art project. Through work with the voice it aims to overcome internal barriers and source the creative potential of its participants. The project will be led by two known and valued artists – Anna Zubrzycki from Poland, and Helen Chadwick from England.

There will be about 20 participants in the project – parents of disabled children and adults, psychologists and community arts leaders working with disabled persons of all ages, as well as the elderly members of the community. The group will also include disabled professional actors from the Arka theatre company, and their colleagues. The idea behind the Voices of the Community project is to integrate its participants as well as to provide a platform for a creative exchange of experiences. Both Helen Chadwick and Anna Zubrzycki, the leadersof the project, are experienced performers and teachers. Anna was the co-founder of the Song of the Goat theatre, its principal performer and pedagogue, and for the last 35 years has taught voice workshops all over the world. Helen is a singer, composer and performer, whose work ranges from composing for the National Theatre and Opera in London to leading community voice workshops and choirs in more than 20 countries.