based on the biblical Book of Ruth

Events full of mysterious turns and transformations, the sung and articulated world of the heroine’s dramatic desires and memories – RUTH…BEHIND THE VEIL. The performance directed by Monika Braun with Igor Pietraszewski’s music, set among Mira Żelechower-Aleksiun’s poetic paintings, told from Ruth’s perspective by Anna Zubrzycki asks the question Where am I, an alien, where do I belong? It addresses the problem of women and their place in society and history but first and foremost shows how love determines our identity. To love and to be loved means to find oneself, to answer the question Who am I? The heroines of the story (besides Ruth there is also Naomi), presented as a theatrical monodrama, are both foreigners. Naomi had left earlier and now she is coming back without a husband, with no children and no possessions. She is no longer “from here”, she doesn’t belong. And a foreign woman comes with her, a Moabite. She also does not belong. But thanks to Boaz and his love, thanks to the Jewish law protecting them, both find their place in the world and happiness.

Ruth…behind the Veil tells the story of Ruth and her daughter-in-law Naomi. When famine comes about a certain man sets out from Judean Bethlehem with his wife and two sons to settle in the land of Moab. His name is Elimelech, his wife’s name is Naomi and their sons are Mahlon and Chilion. But Elimelech dies in Moab. Naomi remains with her two sons who get married to Moabite women: one is called Orpah and the other Ruth. But Mahlon and Chilion also die and Naomi decides to return to her hometown Bethlehem. In spite of her protests, her daughter-in-law Ruth joins her. But they are not well received in Bethlehem and they starve. Ruth gathers ears of barleycorn in the field during the harvest. And that’s how she meets Boaz, a relative of Naomi’s deceased husband. Boaz takes care of Ruth and thanks to the levirate marriage law he takes her as his wife. They have a son Obed who in the future becomes the grandfather of King David.

Script and direction: Monika Braun

Editor of the English text: Rachel McCrum

Music: Igor Pietraszewski

Music arrangements: Tomasz Kasiukiewicz

Sound production and realization: Tomasz Kasiukiewicz, Tomasz Orszulak

Lights direction: Monika Braun, Wojciech Maniewski

Stage design: based on Mira Żelechower-Aleksiun’s paintings – Monika Braun

Multimedia stage design project: Iwona Skoczylas

Stage designer’s assistant: Jacek Timingeriu

Voice consultations: Ewa Głowacka-Fierek

Performance production: I DO PRODUCTION

Cast: Anna Zubrzycki

Musicians: Igor Pietraszewski, Tomasz Kasiukiewicz