A workshop in Mindfulness-based acting techniques.

This  intensive workshop will help performers to connect deeply to the emotional and imaginative source of their singing and speaking voices. The workshop will focus on techniques to cultivate Mindfulness; a natural, relaxed state characterized by an awareness of the here and now, free from judgment, which will allow performers to connect to their rich inner imaginative and emotional world and use this connection to inform their vocal expression. This is the basis on which the performer can build strong and authentic onstage presence.

The workshop will present simple meditation and relaxation techniques, which Anna has incorporated into Song of the Goat Theatre’s holistic approach to co-ordinating voice with movement, rhythm and the imaginative impulse of the individual within the context of ensemble work.

This Mindfulness-based acting training gives performers the tools to reconnect to creative processes that have long been dormant or forgotten, as well as giving them a sense of their own power, drawn from a thoroughly connected body and voice.