Tower. A Bright Day.

Mula lives with her family in the country. Just before her daughter’s First Holy Communion, Mula’s sister – Kaja – pays them a visit. Kaja is the biological mother of the girl, but she suddenly left without a trace 6 years before. The family believes in reconciliation, but Mula believes that Kaja has come to take the child away. Meanwhile, a series of peculiar metaphysical events take place and Kaja’s presence triggers changes in people. Mula’s fear grows and she wants to get rid of her sister. Yet Kaja has come for a reason.

DIRECTOR: Jagoda Szelc
SCRIPT: Jagoda Szelc
PRODUCED BY: Studio Filmowe Indeks
CAST: Anna Krotoska, Małgosia Szczerbowska, Dorota Łukasiewicz-Kwietniewska, Anna Zubrzycki, Rafał Cieluch, Rafał Kwietniewski, Laila Hennessy, Ida Kwietniewska, Igor Kwietniewski, Artur Krajewski