Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, premiere: February 2007

Song of the Goat Theatre, premiere: 23 June 2005

Anna created the role of The Mother in Lacrimosa, an original work based upon A Mass for Arras, which was nominated for the Total Theatre Award 2007 for Best Physical Performance.

Lacrimosa was based on Andrzej Szczypiorski’s book “Mass for Arras” which told the story of the town of Arras that was attacked by the plague in 16th  Century France. The musical score of the performance was taken from Mozart’s “Requiem”, and the physical movement score inspired by the ‘Anestenaria’ cult – a possession cult still active in Northern Greece, which culminates in firewalking. The performance explored the darkness of superstition and witch-hunts, pogroms, and the tragic consequences of blind leadership and pride.

The process of creating the performance led to a deepening understanding of the notion of physical and vocal ‘impulses’ as they arise in the performer and the coordination of the individual within the ensemble. (Anna Zubrzycki)

DIRECTOR: Grzegorz Bral
COSTUME DESIGN: Cristina Gonzalez
MUSIC: arranged by Maria Sendow; based on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s:
„Requiem”, „Dies Irae”, „Tuba Mirum”, „Rex Tremendae”, „Lacrimosa” i „Agnus Dei”
CAST: Mother – Anna Zubrzycki, Girl – Anna Krotoska, Monsieur de Saxe – Dariusz Chojnacki, Jan – Rafał Habel, Prince – Matthieu Leloup, Baker – Ian Morgan, Bishop – Marcin Rudy