Gardzienice Theatre Association  1978 -1992

Founded in 1977 By Wlodzimierz Staniewski, in the village of Gardzienice, in Eastern Poland, The company’s early work centred around artistic research expeditions and interaction with local rural communities and cultures which became  a profound inspiration for performances  and actor training. These ‚expeditions’  and the musical traditions which they investigated were the seeds for internationally renowned  experimental performances.

Anna joined the company in 1978 and remained until 1993, as lead actress.

The expeditions to rural communities, performing for the locals and the long ‚gatherings’ where songs and stories were exchanged, and where we presented fragments of performances-in-progress, were the best acting education I could have ever had. Simply speaking, the only way to retain the attentiveness of our audiences was to connect to my authenticity and conviction and simplicity in performance – in song,in text in relation to the audience. This has remained the source of my performance and teaching work. It was a very special time.