Evening Performance


“The first performance of GARDZIENICE, prepared within a few weeks of creating the group, shown for the first time the summer of 1977 in the village of Wola Gardzienicka.

As a rule the performance takes place outdoors and always at dusk, on the border between day and night. It is actually a series of more or less complex etudes, with the participation of one, two, three or more persons, constructed into a whole. This allows for great flexibility, interchangeability of the scenes, which is always dependent on various factors: the existing situation, the terrain, the type of audience, artistic intentions, etc. The performance is never the same, director sometimes knowingly waives some of the most impressive and spectacular scenes for others, just to come back to them again tomorrow. To mention only some obvious factor – the terrain. The same scene gets a slightly different meaning depending on whether it is played on a meadow, on the roof, some hill, in the collapsing barn or on the stone square. The tasks of the director is inspiring actors’ actions, their selection, installation of individual etudes together, watching over the course of the performance” (www.gardzienice.org)