Chronicles: A Lamentation


Anna originated the role of The Wild Cow in Chronicles: a Lamentation, which won The Guardian Best International Show Edinburgh 2004, Scotsman Fringe First 2004, Herald Archangel Award 2004 and was described as “serious and beautiful ensemble work…extraordinarily strong in its vitality and precision”

This performance took as its inspiration the ancient legend of Gilgamash, half man, half god, which was inscribed more than 5,000 years ago on stone tablets, the fragments of which have been found in ancient Babylon. Both the dramatic structure of the performance, as well as its singing was based on the sung polyphonic tradition of Epiros in northern Greece and Albania with its traditional division of voices: the one who weaves, the one who gives or takes, the one who cuts, and the drone. The music became like a tapestry on which the ‘warp’ of the story was woven.

My work in the performance centred around finding and then deepening a connection to an archetypal  voice phenomena which could express not only deep emotional strands of the performance, but, thanks to the partnership of Maria Sendow, found a resonance in ‘otherworldly’ dimensions. Work on deep partnership and subtle harmonies began to be visible. (Anna Zubrzycki)

Performace Chronicles: a Lamentation – link

DIRECTOR: Grzegorz Bral
TEXT: Robert Stiller – the author of the translation and Polish adaptation of Gilgamesh
COSTUME DESIGN: Cristina Gonzales
SET DESIGN: Grzegorz Bral and Rafał Habel
MUSIC: Arranged by the ensemble from the traditional polyphonic songs
CAST: Gilgamesh – Rafał Habel, Enkidu – Marcin Rudy, Shaman – Christopher Sivertsen, The Wild Cow, Mother of Gilgamesh – Anna Zubrzycki, The Goddess Ishtar – Anna Krotoska, Death – Maria Sendow, The Immortal Utnapishti – Ian Morgan