A Dihtyramb


Song of the Goat Theatre, premier: 5 November 1997

Anna originated the role of Lead Bacchae in Song of the Goat Theatre’s debut performance.

In this first performance in my new company, the first and foremost task was to create a new and dynamic ensemble. The literary theme of the performance was Euripides’ ‘Bacchae’ and the structure of the performance was the ancient Greek form of a dithyramb: a hymn to Dionysus. I was searching for an embodiment of the lead Bacchae through a connection between the dances of Ancient Pontos and the rhythms and melodies of Balkan regions. Workshops run in Belgrade and expeditions into the territory of former Yugoslavia gave a rich and deep inspiration for the creation of the piece, and informed the frenzy and darkness of Euripides’ work. (Anna Zubrzycki)

DIRECTOR: Grzegorz Bral
COSTUMES: Iwona Matajczak, Dominika Sośnicka
MUSIC: Traditional songs from Greece, Serbia and Albania
CAST: Anna Zubrzycki, Catherine Corrigan, Anna Krotoska, Kamila Klamut, Małgorzata Szczerbowska, Maike Lynden, Agnieszka Jackowiak, Dominika Sośnicka, Grzegorz Bral, Gabriel Gawin, Jarosław Fret, Dawid Zysnarski, Przemysław Błaszczak, Witold Kozłowski, Terence Mann