Summer workshop season | 27-31 July 2015 and 03-07 August 2015

Each intensive five day workshop will help performers to connect deeply to the emotional and imaginative source of their singing and speaking voices, too often neglected in performance training. Participants will experience a holistic approach to voice which coordinates it with movement, rhythm and the imaginative impulse of the individual within the context of ensemble work. The workshop will also focus on techniques to cultivate Mindfulness: a natural, relaxed state characterized by an awareness of the here and now, free from judgment. This allows performers to connect to their rich inner imaginative and emotional world and use this connection to inform their vocal expression. Numbers are limited to ensure individual work as well as to create a cohesive ensemble. Where: WROCŁAWSKI TEATR PANTOMIMY im.Henryka Tomaszewskiego, Al. Dębowa 16, 53-121 WROCŁAW When: 27-31 July 2015 and 03-07 August .2015